Benchmarks is an alliance of nationally accredited human service agencies working to support the children, adults and families of North Carolina.  Benchmarks members provide a continuum of services designed to give the children and adults services critical to their well-being and services that can enable these children and adults to contribute to the welfare of the state.

Benchmarks is an organization that traces its roots to 1906 when the leaders of the “orphanages” in the state met for exchange of information and mutual support.   Today Benchmarks seeks to strengthen the work of its member agencies as they serve children, adults, and families under stress or disruption, to speak with a voice of unity on matters of concern to organization members, and to assist the agencies in striving for excellence in programs and services.

Benchmarks seeks to keep the plight of abused and neglected children, children with behavioral health needs, adults with mental health, intellectual/developmental disabilities and substance abuse issues, and families under stress before the General Assembly.   In an effort to provide the best assistance possible, to clients, Benchmarks works to close the gap between the public funds provided for reimbursement for care and treatment and the cost of that care to the agencies.

Membership Options: There are two membership options for agencies

Full Membership: Non-profit or for profit agency that provides child welfare, behavioral health, juvenile justice, or their related services via community-based programs and/or out-of-home care. Full membership agencies shall be accredited by one of the following national accrediting bodies (COA, CQL, The Joint Commission, CARF, EAGLE or a nationally accepted accreditation body as approved by the Board of Trustees of Benchmarks.) Click here for application.

Benchmarks Code of Ethics: All members abide by, agree to and sign Benchmarks Code of Ethics.

Affiliate Membership: Foundations, corporations, associations, or individuals that have an interest in services to children, families, and adults, are supportive of the mission/vision of Benchmarks, and in the case of an individual would not be employed by a member agency. Click here for application.

On any given day, approximately 7000 children require services, either through community or residential programs. Children are referred by local Departments of Social Services, Area Mental Health or Local Management Entities (LMEs), Department of Juvenile Justice, the schools or private referrals. Some have been abused physically, sexually, and emotionally; others come from homes that at a particular point in time are not an appropriate environment for the child.

In fulfilling its mission, Benchmarks works in partnership with the following agencies in North Carolina in matters of policy and service:

Offices and Staff

Benchmarks offices are located in Raleigh, although meetings for the organization and its workgroups are held throughout the state.   The Benchmarks office is located in Raleigh at 2609 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 105, Raleigh, NC 27604.

Benchmarks staff provides advocacy, lobbying, educational, communications, and management support services to members.  The Benchmarks staff works closely with the alliance’s board of trustees, as well as state and local agencies on key regulatory, funding, and management issues confronting members and impacting children and families.

Benchmarks is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

About Benchmarks

Benchmarks is an alliance of nationally accredited agencies committed to providing quality care, leadership, and accountability in services to children, adults, and families in North Carolina.   Member agencies of Benchmarks deliver a broad continuum of behavioral health, child welfare, education, intellectual/developmental disabilities and substance use.

Contact Us

2609 Atlantic Ave, Suite 105
Raleigh, NC 27604