About Benchmarks

Benchmarks is a non-profit association of provider agencies advocating for quality and accountability among human service providers so that North Carolina’s children, adults and families can realize their full potential, contribute to their communities and live healthy lives.

Who We Are: Quality Agencies Delivering Results

Benchmarks has an extensive vetting process for membership that includes national accreditation, good standing reviews from DHHS and provider references. We do not accept member agencies that cannot meet our rigorous standards, as such, we represent the most highly qualified North Carolina providers producing the strongest outcomes in the areas of child welfare, mental health, intellectual/developmental disabilities and substance use services.

What We Do: Partner to Bring About Needed Solutions

Benchmarks brings expertise in research, policy and practice to North Carolina leaders so they can develop the common sense solutions needed to improve the functioning and accountability of our state’s health and human services system. Benchmarks’ expertise includes:

  • On the ground experience of our provider members and their leadership in delivering high quality services within the current policy and practice landscape;
  • A unique combination of over 100 years of collective staff experience translating research to practice, conducting policy advocacy, and providing services in the fields of mental health, child welfare, intellectual developmental disabilities, and substance use disorder.

Our Activities Focus On

  • Partnership development across the continuum of care at the state and local levels, including a strong, proactive partnership with DHHS and the legislature to improve outcomes for children, adults and families through high quality, research-based services;
  • A professional education program serving providers across North Carolina and nationally through on-line and on-site training;
  • Providing support for Benchmarks members before the legislature and state agencies on policy and implementation issues impacting member services, and the people they serve.